Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome to Panama

Well it took us a little over a week but we are finally getting started on the blog we promised all our friends and family. So far everything is wonderful. We have been to the Bethel Branch office in Panama, traveled the bus system to get to our new home in Volcan and started setting up the house as our home. We have also had our first experience in the field ministry today in downtown David (one of the hottest cities in Panama).

As we are behind we will be making several updates over the next couple of days to bring you up to speed with everything that has happened with us so far.

Also from Michelle's perspective:

By far one of my favorite things we have done thus far is visiting the branch in Panama.  It is beautiful!  Right from the start the brothers made us feel welcome.  Once they discovered we didn't speak Spanish, all of them made an effort to speak to us in whatever English they knew.  We will be posting more about our experience there later, but that has definitely been a highlight for me.

 My least favorite thing has been our fight with our washer and dryer.  Since it is so humid and rainy here (it rains everyday and sometimes very heavily) it is very important to keep everything dry, and damp clothes need to be washed everyday.  If not, things will start to develop mold and mildew.  Well every time we wash clothes the washer leaks all over the floor, so we have to use towels to soak up all the water.  Now we have a pile of wet towels we have to wash, and the cycle starts all over again.  Hopefully we can get this fixed soon!  

All in all, it is absolutely wonderful here in Panama and we can't wait to tell you guys more about it. 


  1. And we can't wait to hear more. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the update. We love and miss you guys.

  3. Dean and I just got home from the assembly down in Fort Smith as we missed the Tulsa convention. It is so wonderful to be able to read about your experiences there in Panama. The Internet truly is a useful tool at times. Know that our congregation misses you both greatly and we are keeping you in our prayers. Please continue to share with us your exciting adventures. May Jehovah continue to watch over you both and help you find your way there in his service. our Love and Prahyers,
    Jean and Dean Carpenter