Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Rumors of Our Demise are Greatly Exagerated

Wow! Over two months since our last post! Time here in Panama has a way of slipping by faster than anywhere else we have ever been. It seems like the simplest tasks take all day.

Well we have been very busy the last couple of months with Theocratic activities. We have also had my (tyler's) parents visit for a couple of weeks at the end of November. We were sick for over two weeks at the beginning of December and have been playing catch-up ever since. We have been adjusting our schedule to try and find one that will allow us to keep going and not wear down physically, and we think we have found one finally. We think this will also give us more opportunities to do things like update our blog here.

We hear that it is very cold and even snowing back in Kansas and Missouri lately. So we have decided that despite all of the difficulties of dealing with walking in the "summer" heat here, we will no longer complain about our sunny 85 to 90 degree weather we are having right now.

Rest assured that we are doing well here in David, Panama and are really enjoying our time here!

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  1. Hello Brother and Sister,

    Are you still serving in Panama? I am currently visiting Costa Rica (visiting the Sarchi congregation for a month) and considering coming back here or Panama for a permanent stay.

    I believe my email shows up with this post, please contact me at my email if you are able. I would like to get some information about Panama if you would be willing to provide it.

    Thank you very much! Agape - Meg