Saturday, September 25, 2010

Home Again!!

Well it has been a month and a half since our last post. So, I guess I will update everyone on what has been going on.

No Internet/Moved/Busy/Traveling/District Convention (aka Excuses, Excuses)

So here is a quick run down of what happened and why we have not been blogging. After our last post we were getting ready to move and had a plan to post about that process, however the entire town of Volcan lost Internet access. It was never restored before we moved. Once we were in our home in Los Algorrobos we didn't have Internet for a couple of weeks because we had to go sign up and get it installed. Finally we accomplished that task and had Internet.

After that we had to try and catch up on our pioneering as we were behind from the moving. Then we both started getting sick. Next thing we knew it was time to travel back to the US. Once there everything fell apart and we were not sure we would even be returning to Panama. However, we were able to work things out and return to Panama just in time for the English District Convention.

After the Convention we traveled back home. We still didn't have any furniture other than our bed so it was rather difficult to work on the computer. This week we went shopping for furniture for our place and purchased a desk and chair. We also found a furniture maker who we have making a living room set for us. So now we have somewhere to sit and work, therefore the blog post should start again.

Panama is already home

On our travel back to the United States we really found ourselves longing to get back to Panama. We are so happy to be back here and when we talk about "home" we always are talking about our place in Algorrobos. Sure there are things that drive us crazy here but we still love it and hope to never go back to the States again, other than for visits.

Our new house

Here are a few pictures from our house from when we first moved in.

Front Door

Side Door/ Laundry area   

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  1. What a darling looking house. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.