Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our home

Here are several pictures of our place. We have been doing work on the place and buying furniture and appliances and we will send updates as we finish the house.

The house is a 2 bedroom 1 bath house. It is in a cute little neighborhood that is made up of mainly young families with little kids. The house has no hot water or air-conditioning, the AC is no problem because it is very nice here but the no hot water is difficult to get used to. We don't even have an electric shower head in our place so we just take cold showers. Anyway here are some more pictures.
Living room / front door
Dinning room (opposite living room) 
Hall leading to kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms 
Kitchen w/cabinets (unusual in this price range) 
1st bedroom - lots of work to do here! 

2nd bedroom 

We are going to be painting every room, the paint on the walls is a very cheap flat paint, so it shows every little mark and you can't clean it (we tried to wash a spot and the paint actually came off just from washing). The girls bedroom is painted pink and has "artwork" all over and stickers covering the door. In the bathroom there is no mirror they just have a little cabinet over the sink so we are going to have to change that. The other problem to figure out is what to do about laundry, everyone does their laundry outside and just bring their washer in and out but we don't want to do that so we are going to experiment with some options.


  1. Love the pictures. The house has such a quaint, simple charm. Would love to come visit.

  2. Can't believe you want to change that lovely purple room!!!!

  3. your shower is much like the one here. a stand in shower, with just the one knob for cold water. Has there is no hot water here either. It is of course hotter here. I´m not sure how I would do with no hot water there.

    However, overall your house has a lot more tile. Here most all the walls, and floors are concrete. There are few houses that have much to any tile.

    I like the house, it´s nice.