Sunday, July 11, 2010

Death From Above

If you have not read my previous post about our house please read that first, Thank You.

I have training in computers along with years working on them in homes, offices and all kinds of other locations. I have certifications in electronics design and repair from circuits to old CRT televisions. I have done a lot of home improvement with lighting and fans and other electrical devices. I have been shocked and even slightly electrocuted a few times over the years, I know explains a lot right. Anyway my point is I have a lot of respect, training and experience with electricity. I also know that there is one thing that you never ever mix with electricity. Can you guess what that is?

That's right water. Water and electricity don't mix, almost all hand held electric devices even have a tag on the plug that shows not to mix the two. 

So anyway I was looking around the house on the first day and went into the bathroom and looked at the shower. I had read about these before we got here but I still just couldn't believe my eyes. This is what greeted us.

Yep, that is an electric shower head. The houses here do not have hot water heaters. So if you want hot water you boil the water. So to get hot water in the shower they have an electric heater element in the shower head. The way you control the heat is to turn on the shower head heater and the slower you turn on the water the hotter it is and to cool it down you turn the water flow to higher speed. What is really fun is after you are done with the shower and you are half wet you get to reach up and turn the heater off. Michelle has designated me to do this so she takes the first shower then I take the second and turn it off on my way out. 

So if I don't make it, it was probably the shower head. Just kidding, I am fairly sure the grounding wire is properly hooked up.    


  1. That just does NOT look safe. It looks like something straight out of a cartoon.

    Dad wants to know "where's the electrical tape?"


  2. oh my goodness, everything is completely different!! be careful, we don't want any Tyler fried chicken!!!

    Julie Russell