Friday, July 16, 2010

I have not forgotten

I just want everyone to know I will try to get some more postings up in the next day or so. It has been a very busy week here in Panama. The English group we are thinking of joining was having a visit from the Circuit Overseer this week so we have been doing long days down in David with the group there.

In addition we were originally scheduled to go to Changuinola this week but there was a new law passed in Panama about the Unions and because of a lot of misinformation and lies people started protesting and blocking off roads and things. There was also some violence between the protesters and the police with a few people being killed. This was all on the other side of the country, it has been fine and peaceful here where we are at. But it caused us to have to change plans this week.

So I will give some more information on each of these events and others soon.

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  1. We had a shooting on S. Taylor. 1/2block from us and a block from your mom, one died.
    I think it is for sure a scene around the world.
    stay in the 'secret place' to be as safe as possible.