Sunday, July 4, 2010

Panama Bethel Branch - Part 3

24 June - 26 June 2010

Open Air Assembly Hall

Within the Panamanian Branch facilities sits the main assembly hall for the country of Panama. The entire English congregations and groups come here for the District Convention. Everyone who speaks English, even Missionaries and Need Greaters in the Spanish Congregations go to the English District Convention. Everyone says there is nothing else like that District Convention.

The entire Assembly Hall is open air, there are some vents or flaps that move and help direct air into the Hall. You can see them at the top of the first picture. This in conjunction with the open sides keeps a nearly constant breeze blowing through the seating area. This helps to keep everyone cool during the sessions. 

The Assembly Hall has seating capacity for somewhere around 2000 people. The seats are stadium style seats. And for the sisters, there appeared to be lots of restrooms available. When we were inside of the seating area it was very comfortable, with the breeze it was actually more comfortable than a lot of the stadiums used in the US. The last District Convention we were at in the States was sweltering.

To the sides were the Offices, book rooms, and changing area for the baptism candidates. The baptism pool was located in this area. The entire complex was so clean and just amazing to be in. We are hoping that after our scouting trip ends in August, everything will have gone well and we will be back in time for the English Convention in September. 

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