Friday, July 23, 2010

Rear Window....OK, Front Window

Our View, and the Things We See

Well no possible murders yet, even if the neighbor kids do fight and wrestle now and then. We have a fantastic view from our kitchen/living room. Our place faces East, so every morning we get to see the sun rise from behind the mountains and Volcan Baru (the Baru Volcano). This is a truly awe inspiring view. The mountain we see reminds us all the time of the scriptures that talk about Jehovah coming down to the mountain in a cloud, or his throne and kingdom being like a mountain. The view of the mountain is always changing, some days it is totally clear, others there are a few clouds sitting on it and other days there are so many clouds around it that we can not even see the mountains at all. This is probably our favorite thing about our place in Volcan.

We see a lot of people walking down the street or taking taxis and a lot of people ride bikes in the area. One thing that kind of surprised us was how many people ride horses here. Volcan is in an agricultural area of the country so there are a lot of farms and ranches in the area. In fact most of the food grown in Panama comes from here or close by. One interesting thing we have found out is that they do not name their horses here. Apparently you do not name farm equipment. They take wonderful care of their horses but they are a tool and not a pet here. Side note: the animals here are in pathetic shape, the cats and dogs just break your heart. We have a corner market right across the street from us and people ride up there all the time on their horses. And it is not rare it happens 15 - 20 times a day.

So one day we were watching this guy riding around on a motorcycle from house to house. It took me a while to figure out what he was doing. Finally, I noticed that he kept stopping next to the electric meters at each house and was putting information in a hand held device. It ends up that he is with the electric company and he goes around and gets the readings so they know how much to charge you each month. My guess is that there are a lot of homes and meters that must be hard to get to and so you need the ability to go off-road at times and what better way than a motorcycle.

Hopefully everyone gets the reference at the beginning. If not don't worry it is just as safe here as it is anywhere else in these last days.


  1. A mi me fascina los caballos. De hecho cuando pienso en la promesa divina de un paraiso aqui en la Tierra, me imagino que manto a caballo.

    Espero que todo les vaya bien, siguen adelante!

    Cunto anhelo su proximo Blog..


  2. Tyler & Michelle, This is Brian Seydlitz from Monett. We've been in Cahuita for 2 weeks now. Have you made it to Changuinola yet? If you would like to cross the border and see what Costa Rica looks like please let us know. We could meet you at the Cahuita bus station. We are planning a trip in to Panama soon maybe for a day or two. You can get us on skype. Skypename brian.seydlitz

  3. Brian,

    I don't have skype setup yet and this week we will be moving to a house by David. This will be on the south side near the Pacific.