Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yes we are Gringos

So we walk out of the airport terminal looking for a way to contact the Hotel we are staying at to request the shuttle pick us up. The taxi drivers instantly start asking us where we are going. I am not sure what we were trying to do, but we avoided eye contact and didn't say anything. I think we wanted to make it look like we knew exactly what we were doing and we were not naive, susceptible Americans who didn't speak the language.  We tried to use the pay phone on the wall only we couldn't understand any of the instructions, so of course, since were not touristy Americans we just went ahead and... put a quarter in make a call, but nothing would happen, except it kept our quarter, so we did it again with the same results all the while trying to look cool.  I am fairly certain the taxi drivers were laughing at us. We were standing there at 2 in the morning in a foreign country with absolutely no idea what to do when... the shuttle for the Hotel showed up :) 

At the Hotel we checked in at the front desk and got the key to our room. An actual key, not a card but a metal key. So as we are being guided to our room we are looking around and this hotel looks really really old, like other than paint it has not been updated since the 40's. We got to our room looked around and said to each other "what are we doing?"

We got ready for bed after making sure every possible lock in the room was locked, including the patio doors. Spirit Airlines gives you pretzels but you have to buy the drinks so it had been hours since we had anything to drink. So I grabbed a glass and took a drink from the tap while Michelle was using the tap water to brush her teeth. The next day out of paranoia we called the front desk to ask if the water was safe for American's to drink. I talked to a man at the front desk and he said no it is not. Almost instantly we felt bad and could just feel the parasites growing and making us sick. I went down to the front and bought 2 bottles of water for us and we downed a double dose of my mom's almost undrinkable probiotic formula. Finally after freaking out and realizing we can't make coffee without using up our water Michelle called the front desk to double check on the water from the tap. She talked to a girl who when we asked if we can drink the water was like 'of course, where do you think you are.' We made coffee and never got sick so she must have been right.

After calming down and looking around we realized the hotel was very pretty. Especially the pool and outdoor areas were amazing. We were running late so we only had time to take one really poor photo of the hotel pool area.

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  1. Hi Michelle and Tyler: Vickie gave me the link
    I was so proud to be included. surprised i could figure out the tech.
    i have bible student who choses to come to my house for study ea friday. vickie joined us last night. making progress. she went to KC sat.and we're taking her to tulsa for sunday.
    Prov 2:11. much love. bob and glenna